The Sudetenland in 1938

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What happened?

1) On 11 March 1938, Austria annexed by Hitler

2) The leader of Czechoslovakia, Edward Beneš was threatened by increasing of German power.

-> He knew Czechoslovakia was Hitler’s next target

3) Edward Beneš wanted Britain and France's guarantee to honor their commitment and protect Czechoslovakia from Germany.

4) Britain and France promised to help Czechoslovakia if Germany would attack them.

5) Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister asked Hitler if he had a plan to invade Czechoslovakia

-> Hitler replied : NO

6) Since Chamberlain trusted what Hitler said, Czechoslovakia was assured.

“I give you my word of honour that Czechoslovakia has nothing to fear from the Reich”. ~ Hitler speaking to Chamberlain.

7) However, Hitler wanted to annex Czechoslovakia -> this region included a large number of Germans

8) On 9 September, The Nazis’s leader in the Sudetenland, Henlein, and the Sudetenland German requested the Sudetenland to be part of Germany

9) Hitler clarified that Germany would fight against Czechoslovakia in order to invade the Sudetenland.

10) On 15 September, Meeting between Chamberlain and Hitler was held

-> Chamberlain gave parts of the Sudetenland

11) Hitler's demand grew , so he wanted to get all Sudetenland.

12) Britain and France made a deal, called the Munich Agreement, with Hitler.

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What is Munich Agreement?

An agreement signed by Britain, France, Italy and Germany, in order to avoid a war by giving the whole of the Sudetenland to Germany.

Reasons Hitler gave for his action
  • The Sudetenland included a large number of Germans
  • Hitler claimed the Czechs mistreated the Germans